We're Redesigning Home Design.

Welcome to modern architect-designed homes, with a 21st century process.

Stepping away from the conventional consulting service, My Modern Home is pioneering a new way to access quality, architect-designed homes.

Where the traditional process is fraught with uncertainty and the potential for unforeseen costs, our process is as efficient as our homes. That means less expense, time and stress – not to mention a 93 per cent saving on a typical architect’s fees. All while upholding design integrity. It’s a win/win.

Built on Strong Values.

To us, form and function are a given. Our business – and our homes – are built on values that underpin every decision we make. It’s about adding dimension to the thinking, regardless of the size of the home. Our carefully considered business model promotes a simpler, clearer process. The result: thoughtful homes that promote a fuller and richer life.


The height of design is nothing if it doesn’t elevate the everyday. We aim for details that lift the look of your home, and your outlook on life


Our homes are designed for all ways of living, throughout all stages of life. That’s why you’ll discover a variety of floor plan options within each design.


Making your dream home simpler and more affordable is the very reason we founded My Modern Home. We provide you with the tools to help make complex decisions with ease.


We’re confident in what we provide, and the reasons for what we don’t. If you need something beyond our vast expertise, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.


We’re here to demystify the process and provide support along the way. Take comfort in knowing that if you reach out with questions, we’re right here.


We strive to provide homeowners and builders with the resources to complete projects in less time and with less cost, while providing more certainty for everyone.

Architect Designed Home Outdoors | My Modern Home

Living simply is living richly.

We recognize that the fast pace of modern living can mean we find less time to stop and appreciate life’s moments, and our environment. That’s why every home we design has a sense of place, and a sense of pace. It’s about stopping and appreciating the details, to make more of every moment. Our homes feature restrained spaces that encourage a simpler, yet richer way of living – a life of joy and ease, while considering a gentler impact on the environment. This simpler approach informs everything we do, with consideration given to:

  • Intimate connections to nature

  • Access to, and treatment of, natural daylight

  • Emphasis on privacy

  • Functional layouts for everyday life

  • Consideration of emotive experiences

  • Flexibility that supports personal change over time

  • Seeking efficiencies that benefit daily life and initial budget

  • Style that looks beyond trends to promote timelessness

  • Materiality that is natural, authentic and timeless

Take a look around

Our plans are more than ink on paper, or pixels on a screen. They’re your plans for a grander life, however big or small the home you choose. So stop and smell the roses... and think about whether you’ll plant roses. This is the fun part