Modern Home Design Made Simple.

We're building homes, not barriers.

My Modern Home was founded with the goal of making the home-building journey better for homeowners and builders alike. My Modern Home breaks down the barriers created by the traditional custom home model by:

  • Providing certainty to homeowners and homebuilders.

  • Making the homebuilding journey faster and less expensive.

  • Designing modern homes with homebuilders in mind.

  • Offering professional services to homeowners and builders in-house and on demand.


My Modern Home was founded by Kristin following more than a decade working as a professional architect. He recognized that the architect-as-consultant model works well for commercial projects but creates many barriers for home construction.

Kristin loves design and grew up in the home construction industry. With this background Kristin was determined to create a business model that would deliver a better experience to both homeowners and builders while maintaining a high standard of modern design.


More Certainty

Providing Clarity to Homeowners and Homebuilders.

  • Homeowners can browse our collection of modern home plans online and find a plan that they love before committing to their purchase.

  • With multiple floor plan options for each of our home’s designs, My Modern Home aims to create inclusive, flexible design options.

  • Homebuilders benefit from detailed home plans to provide accurate estimates to their potential customers – this helps customers too!

  • Our construction details leave out all the guesswork and allow building trades to work efficiently and effectively.

  • We offer complete customization services for any of our plans – because the perfect fit just feels right.

Less Time, Less Cost

Making the Homebuying Journey Faster and Less Expensive.

  • Custom home design by an architect or other design professional can be very expensive and take several months (or longer) to complete.

  • My Modern Home has done the work up-front, so your plans will be provided to you or your builder within days of your order.

  • Our complete, architect-designed, home plans cost a fraction (about 3% actually!) of the cost of retaining an architect to design and consult on a similar plan.

  • Builders can get projects underway in a fraction of the time while effectively outsourcing design work.

  • Smart design means that homeowners and builders can source locally available, high-quality products rather than relying on custom orders or custom-made materials.


Designing Homes with Builders in Mind.

  • My Modern Home was founded with the goal of collaborating with builders.

  • All of our plans are designed with conventional residential framing materials and techniques.

  • Our plans avoid expensive and time-consuming structural engineering work.

  • Our plans work with conventional window systems and glazing, which is easier to source, is less expensive than commercial glazing, and provides homebuilders and homeowners with more choice at less cost.

  • Our plans can be modified to work with a builder’s preferred construction systems or methodology – My Modern Home can complete this work in-house.

Here to Help

Offering Help and Professional Services on Demand

  • All our homes are designed in-house, by our professional architects.

  • We’re here to answer any questions that arise during your homebuilding process.

  • We offer customization and other consulting services to all of our clients – as much or as little as they need.

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Our plans are more than ink on paper, or pixels on a screen - they’re your plans for a grander life.