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7 Reasons to Use an Open Floor Plan in Your Home Design

Why are open floor plans so popular? In this article we highlight seven great reasons to consider an open floor plan for your modern home design.

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The Main Features of Modern Architectural Styles

Are you curious about the main features of modern architectural styles?

In this article we explore the history of modern architecture, the main features of the minimalist modern architecture style, and outline how the historic influence of the minimalist modern architecture style have evolved into the features of the modern architecture styles of today.

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Top 6 Modern Home Design Trends for 2024

With 2023 drawing to a close, we at My Modern Home wanted to share the top 6 modern home design trends we see emerging (or continuing!) in 2024.

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Smart Strategies to Overcome High Housing Costs

Housing prices have skyrocketed worldwide for the past few decades, and with rising interest rates it may feel as though building a new modern home is out of reach.

This poses a challenge: How to overcome high housing costs while still achieving the modern home design that fits your needs and preferences as a homeowner?

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How Much it Really Costs to Design a House

Unveiling the Price Tags of Architectural Excellence

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Architecture and Interior Design: How They Work Together.

Architecture and Interior Design: What's the difference, and where are the overlaps?

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Modern Landscape Design Ideas for Your Dream Home: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Learn how to harness the beauty of nature by designing a landscape that enhances experience of your home, making it a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, and connection with the outdoors.

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Multi Generational Homes: How to Achieve the Ideal Multi Generational Living Floor Plan

Considering building a multi generational home? In this article, we will discuss how you can achieve the ideal multi generational living floor plan for your family today, and generations to come.

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The Impact of Technology on Architecture

In this article we will consider the history of the impact of technology on architecture, the contemporary impact of technology on architecture, and make a few predictions about how technology and architecture may change the way we build and the way we live in the future.

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How to Design a Timeless Home

This article outlines the fundamentals of timeless home design - including both the aesthetic and functional secrets to success.