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How to Design the Ideal Modern Living Room

Living Rooms are where life happens for many families, so a good living room needs to not only be beautiful, but to serve all the functions that life can throw at it. In this blog we will break down both the form and the function of a modern living room – providing tips on how to ensure that your living room functions well, and flexes to serve both your family time and social time.

Modern Home Design Trends 2022 | My Modern Home

Top 5 Modern Home Design Trends for 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close, we at My Modern Home wanted to share the top 5 modern home design trends we see emerging (or continuing!) in 2022.

Modern Open Floor Plan | My Modern Home

7 Reasons Why to Use an Open Floor Plan in Your Home Design

Why are open floor plans so popular? In this blog we highlight seven great reasons to consider an open floor plan for your modern home design.

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The Top Benefits of Designing a Flexible House Plan and How to Achieve Them

Incorporating flexibility into your home design allows you to enjoy your home more today, and in the future. In this blog we'll highlight some of the key benefits of choosing a flexible home plan, and we'll share tips for how to achieve them.

Minimalist vs Modern vs Contemporary Design | My Modern Home

Minimalist vs Modern vs Contemporary Design and Architecture: What's the Difference?

In this blog we explain the design terms “modern”, “contemporary” and “minimalist” - so you can get your Pinterest boards “just right”.

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How to Save Money When Building a House Without Sacrificing Quality

Building a home is a long-term investment, and My Modern Home wants to help you maximize your return!  In this blog, we outline 7 tips that will help you minimize upfront costs, and maximize your home’s potential!

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Questions To Ask When Designing a House

If you've decided to design and build a new home, or are thinking about it, this blog is the perfect place to get started! This blog frames important questions you should ask when designing a house. It will also help you get a home design you love by giving you the tools you need to be in control of your home design decisions.

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Why Courtyard House Plans Are Becoming So Popular

Courtyard homes have seen a recent surge in popularity across North America. What makes courtyard house plans so popular? In this blog we explore the many benefits of courtyard home plans, and discuss how a courtyard can add richness to your life, and increase the efficiency and comfort of your new home.

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4 Things To Consider In a Hot Real Estate Market When Building a Home

Building in a hot real estate market? You'll want take a few unique things into consideration. In this blog we offer you some examples and insights to help you succeed in building the home of your dreams.


What Makes a Great Kitchen?

How to take your kitchen design from "Oh..." to "Oh Wow!"