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7 Floor Plan Mistakes and How to Avoid them in Your Home

While the perfect floor plan will be unique to each individual, there are some common floor plan mistakes that can take your new home from “Oh, wow!” to “Oh no!” every time. In this article we’ll outline 7 floor plan mistakes, and give you all the tips you need to avoid them. Read on for floor plan greatness!

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How to Choose the Right House Design For You

Not only is investing in your new home a huge financial decision, it is also one of the utmost personal importance, so of course you want to get it right! In this article, we provide you with all of the steps tthat will help you find the perfect house design for you.

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7 Reasons Modern Homes are On the Rise

Why are modern homes on the rise today when the Modernist movement first emerged over 100 years ago? In this article we explore a brief history of the Modernist architecture movement, and outline 7 of the reasons that modern homes are becoming increasingly popular today.

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5 Unique Benefits of a Small House Plan

Small house plans, and even tiny homes, have become more and more popular over the last several years. Why do many believe that a small house is better?

In this blog we explore five unique reasons that more homeowners are choosing small modern house plans instead of homes with a larger footprint.

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How to Design a Great Home Office

Your home office deserves to be so much more than an after-thought of your home design! At My Modern Home, we’ve put a great deal of thought into ensuring that our designs provide for stellar home offices, and you can, too. Read on to learn how to design a great home office.

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How to Design the Ideal Modern Living Room

Living Rooms are where life happens for many families, so a good living room needs to not only be beautiful, but to serve all the functions that life can throw at it. In this blog we will break down both the form and the function of a modern living room – providing tips on how to ensure that your living room functions well, and flexes to serve both your family time and social time.

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7 Reasons Why to Use an Open Floor Plan in Your Home Design

Why are open floor plans so popular? In this blog we highlight seven great reasons to consider an open floor plan for your modern home design.

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The Top Benefits of Designing a Flexible House Plan and How to Achieve Them

Incorporating flexibility into your home design allows you to enjoy your home more today, and in the future. In this blog we'll highlight some of the key benefits of choosing a flexible home plan, and we'll share tips for how to achieve them.

Minimalist vs Modern vs Contemporary Design | My Modern Home

Minimalist vs Modern vs Contemporary Design and Architecture: What's the Difference?

In this blog we explain the design terms “modern”, “contemporary” and “minimalist” - so you can get your Pinterest boards “just right”.

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How to Save Money When Building a House Without Sacrificing Quality

Building a home is a long-term investment, and My Modern Home wants to help you maximize your return!