Help on demand.
My Modern Home provides more than just plans. Think of us as your architect on demand. We offer support and a guiding hand from the initial design, right across your home-building experience.

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Make your home truly yours.
No two lifestyles are the same. But while our plans are like limited-edition artworks by your favourite artist (not one-offs) we give you the creative freedom to make them your own. Let our team work with you to help make your plan just right.

Access Your Architect

Be free to explore your options.
We design around your wants, needs, and dreams. So if there’s a detail you’d like changed, simply reach out to us for a free consultation. We’ll then provide an estimate for the customization. It’s like having an architect on tap for as little or as much you need. (We can even help with extra taps.)

Transparent Pricing

Less uh-oh, more ah-ha!
With My Modern Home, you can forget the worry of hidden fees - our initial consultation is always free. We provide design services for $130 per hour, and our drafting services are billed at a rate of $110 per hour - only for the time you need. You won’t be surprised by the price, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised by the value.

The Perfect Fit

Don’t settle for ‘Plan B’
With a curated collection of striking modern homes, there’s bound to be a plan that suits your taste, budget and lifestyle. But if you want something more, you won’t have to settle. Tell us about your unique situation, and we’ll work with you to develop a solution.

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Goodbye guesswork.
Backed by professional cost-estimating leaders across North America, our Cost to Build service accurately estimates the construction cost for our plans on your lot. This includes your location and your choice of finishes. So you can launch into building your home with eyes wide open. There’s no chance of getting carried away (except with the amount of affordable plans to choose from, that is).

Industry Expertise

Expertise builds confidence.
After more than a decade as architects, we’ve identified the pitfalls of a process fraught with uncertainty, and the potential for unforeseen costs. Our answer: modern homes with an equally contemporary process. This expertise coupled with our Cost to Build service means that we’ll help build your confidence… before you build.

Selecting a Builder

The sharpest tool for selecting a builder.
Use your Cost to Build estimate when evaluating quotes and information from potential builders. It’s an invaluable tool to ensure you receive maximum value. You’ll be able to better understand if a quote seems too high, or concerningly, too low. This may indicate a builder doesn’t understand how to deliver your project or is intentionally misleading you to lock you into a contract – only to raise the final cost later.

Establishing a Budget

Helping your budget stack up.
A professional cost estimate will help you understand the level of finish and fixtures that sit within your budget. From there you can prioritize areas, and decide what to spend money on during the build (versus upgrading later on). Your estimate will streamline the lending process with your financial institution and give you a clearer picture of future commitments.

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Sturdy bonds that benefit all.
A strong construction community is bonded by partnerships that benefit everyone. My Modern Home is a place for homeowners to learn about high-quality and innovative products, services and industry knowledge. It represents a unique opportunity for the industry to share products, services, and knowledge with a discerning, design-savvy audience.


Opportunity knocks twice.
Let us take the burden of the design off your hands. If you have clients interested in modern design, we can help you get an early buy-in, providing confidence that you’ll deliver the modern architecture they’re searching for.

Suppliers: Let us showcase your products on our blogs and social media pages. Our goal is to make the building experience easier and to be a resource for both homeowners and the construction industry.


Build our profile, reap rewards.
If you think my Modern Home is a good fit, we’ll make it worth your while. Sign up and we’ll give you your own promo code. Share it with anyone you think might buy a plan from us, and we’ll pay you $200 every time someone enters your code at the check-out.

Volume Pricing

Add scale. Add value.
Are you interested in building more than one of our homes? Reach out to us and learn how we can deliver even more value by partnering with you.

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