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March 24, 2022
March 24, 2022

How to Get a Great Modern House Plan Now

When building a new home, starting with a great home plan helps you move forward with confidence. In this blog we outline your options for getting a great modern house plan now - so that you can move forward with eyes wide open.

When building a new home, starting with a great home plan helps you move forward with confidence. In this blog we outline your options for getting a great modern house plan now - so that you can move forward with eyes wide open.

Every successful journey starts with a plan, and if you are building a modern house the aforementioned plan will, of course, be your modern house floor plan! But how can you get a great modern house plan and move forward with confidence?

In this article we’ll outline some of the options that you have to score a great modern house plan, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of these options. If you are planning your dream home or planning for a future that includes building a modern house, then this article is for you!

Do I Need to Have a Modern House Plan to Hire a Builder?

If you are looking to build a modern house, you may be asking yourself if you even need to have selected a modern house plan before you engage a builder.

The short answer is no – you do not. Many builders have a selection of floor plans available for you to choose from, and many builders have technologists or other designers on-staff that can be hired to help you with a floorplan for your modern house.

If you have found a builder who has already constructed modern homes that you love, going straight to a builder may be a good option for you as you can have confidence in their style of design and quality of craftsmanship.

However, whereas there are builders in most cities who have great experience in building and designing traditional style homes, builders with experience designing and building a modern house are less common.

This design experience is critical to achieving a modern house you’ll love. Too often we have seen builders change the roof slope of a traditional home and call it “modern” without understanding the underlying values of modern home design.

If you hire a builder before you have a modern house plan there is also a risk that you won’t be happy with your custom home design when their draftsperson or designer completes the plan. Time and again we have seen homeowners who are surprised by this outcome.

Should I Hire an Architect to Design My Modern House Plan?

Architects are trained in design and an architect with experience designing modern house plans can be a great choice.

Hiring an architect allows you to have a truly custom home design and architects are usually hired not just to provide you with a modern house plan but also to provide consulting services and “organize” and review your home’s construction alongside your general contractor.

However, hiring an architect is too expensive for most homeowners. An architect generally charges about 10-13% of the construction cost of your home to provide design and consulting services. On a million-dollar home, this equates to upwards of $100,000 in fees (on top of the million dollars).

Hiring an architect also means that you won’t get your modern house plan “now”. A bespoke design completed by an architect can take upwards of a year (and often longer!) to be ready for construction.

As is the case with hiring a builder to complete your modern house plan, the risk of an uncertain outcome (what if I don’t like the design?) also exists.

If you have the budget and the time, and value a one-of-a-kind home, then hiring an architect may still be the right choice for you.

What About Purchasing a Modern House Plan Online?

Many homeowners are now considering purchasing modern house plans online.

Buying a modern house plan online can be a cost-effective option for many homeowners that can also reduce the time it takes to get a home under construction. If you’ve already purchased a lot and are making mortgage payments (possibly on two properties!) speed of execution can be a material consideration.

Purchasing from a reputable home plan website can also help reduce the risk of “buyer’s remorse”. Buying a home plan online lets you “see” the finished product before you buy your new home.

However, not all on-line businesses are created equal. Some home plan websites are also guilty of changing the slop of a roof and calling a plan “modern”. Other home plans may not provide all of the construction details that a homebuilder needs to complete your home or may not work with your builder’s method of construction, requiring expensive and time-consuming re-work before you can get shovels in the ground.

Another disadvantage to purchasing home plans online can be the lack of customization or consulting services offered by on-line businesses in many cases.

We recommend good due diligence before purchasing a home plan online. In particular, reach out to the business owner and ask questions about the plans, what the plans include, and if the business offers consulting services before you buy.

My Modern Home Helps you get a Great Modern House Plan Now

My Modern Home was founded to bridge the gaps created by the other options available for homeowners looking to get great modern house plans now. While My Modern Home is an online home plan business, we aim to deliver (and exceed!) the level of service that you expect from an in-person professional team.

All of My Modern Home’s modern house plans are designed by architects trained in modern design who work in-house for My Modern Home.

Our home plans are available for immediate purchase, but unlike many other online choices we also offer complete customization services for all our plans.

Not only do we offer customization services, My Modern Home also provides any additional consulting services that you or your builder may require.

All of My Modern Home’s plans are also designed to work with conventional construction methods and materials to reduce construction cost and increase product choice for homeowners and builders.

Planning for Success

Planning to build your new modern house plan is exciting but the stakes are high! Knowing where to start can be challenging.

Whether you chose to hire an architect, work with your builder, or purchase a modern house plan online, take the time to know the benefits and drawbacks of each of these options will help you plan for success!

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