My Modern Home Plan No16 - 20 - Home Office

Big Design Ideas for your Small Home Office

Looking to design your home with a spacious, bright, and thoughtfully designed small home office? Read this article to learn how!

My Modern Home Plan | No.16 | Modern Bathroom

Why Choose a Wet Room for your next Bathroom Renovation?

A bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to update your home to make it more visually appealing, comfortable, and convenient for your daily routines. In this article we explore some of the benefits of wet room bathroom design, a common feature in homes in Europe and Japan. Wet rooms are becoming a major modern design trend in North America. Read on to find out why!

Designing Your House for a Sloped Lot | My Modern Home

Designing Your Home for a Sloping Lot

Designing a home for sloping land requires special considerations to help property owners not only maximize property value, but to build a home that takes full advantage of views, light and space. This article will provide you with guidance on how to accomplish all of these important goals.

Modern Two-Story House | My Modern Home

Modern Two-Story House Plans: Why Build Up Instead of Out

Building a modern two-story house plan has many advantages to home owners – some of which might surprise you! Read this article to learn about some of the biggest benefits to building a modern two-story house plan.

My Modern Home Plan No16 - 19 - Modern Kitchen

Why We Love Modern House Plans with Large Windows

The style, construction, shape, and size of windows incorporated into a home’s design have an enormous influence not only on how a home looks, but also on how homes work and the experience of living there. In this article we’ll outline a few of the reasons that we LOVE modern house plans with large windows – read this article and we think you will too!

My Modern Home No19-3-Front Yard

5 Modern House Design Ideas For Your Home

If you are getting ready to build your new home or looking to update your existing home, then you are probably looking for some great modern home design ideas to incorporate into your home today. In this article we outline modern design ideas to incorporate in your home – inside and out!

Benefits of Modern House Plans | My Modern Home

5 Interesting Advantages of Modern House Plans

Modern house plans are becoming increasingly popular today. With homeowners becoming ever-more informed about the benefits of modern design, it’s no wonder. In this article we outline a few interesting benefits of modern house plans you should consider as part of your home-buying journey.

How Home Design Contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle | My Modern Home

How Home Design Contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle

When you think about a healthy lifestyle, you may not think home design can play a role in good health. But actually, your home’s design can have a huge influence on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Read this article to find out how.

Ideal Modern Living Room | My Modern Home

6 Steps to Achieve The Best Modern Living Room Interior Design

If you are planning your new home, or looking to re-vamp your current home, your living room should be a top consideration because the living room is another one of the most important rooms in your modern home! In this article we will focus on the 6 steps you need to follow to help you achieve a modern living room design worthy of a magazine cover.

What We Want and Need From Our Homes Today | My Modern Home

What We Want and Need From Our Homes Today

We need our homes to support a broad and important range of needs each day – from a place to unwind, to the place that supports all we do when we’re away from home, and the place we connect with those we care about most. While the specifics will be personal to you and your family, in this article we have outlined the top considerations to ensure that your modern home is up to the task.