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Questions To Ask When Designing a House

If you've decided to design and build a new home, or are thinking about it, this article will help you get started by framing the most important questions you should ask when designing a house. It will also help you get a home design you love by giving you the tools you need to be in control of your home design decisions.

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Why Courtyard House Plans Are Becoming So Popular

Courtyard homes have seen a recent surge in popularity across North America. What makes courtyard house plans so popular? In this blog we explore the many benefits of courtyard home plans, and discuss how a courtyard can add richness to your life, and increase the efficiency and comfort of your new home.

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Building a Home in a Hot Real Estate Market – Tips to Help you Succeed

Building in a hot real estate market? You'll want to take a few unique things into consideration. In this blog we offer you some examples and insights to help you succeed in building the home of your dreams.


What Makes a Great Kitchen?

How to take your kitchen design from "Oh..." to "Oh Wow!"

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Why Hire an Architect?

Helping you understand architects and the custom home design industry.

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Introductions Are in Order.

Let us share with you how we’ve made architect-designed homes more accessible than ever before...